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Dec 24, 2012 6:00am PST
go on. you feel better when husband get back. well that's just it. i know ben won't be home for christmas. i think robby knows it too but he's just trying to cheer me up. has mr. talbot been gone long? six months. i have prayed he would give up this crazy search of his but its gone on too long. i'm sure he's afraid to return home a failure. him want gold that bad? oh i'm not blaming him, really. after all he's doing it for me and for robby. but it's become so important to him. i sometimes wonder if he's forgotten the things he left behind? gold fever does strange things to a man, mrs. talbot. do you hear from him at all? well the letters don't come very often. he moves from camp to camp ya know. he tries so hard to be cheerful but i know how it must be for him. at this moment i have no idea where he is. has he given up his business completely? yes. ben's always had the idea that unless he was rich, robby and i wouldn't be happy. oh he's so wrong. all we ever wanted was to be together and to be a family. boy say him saddle maker? there are plenty need for men like him. i know
FOX Business
Dec 30, 2012 1:30am EST
, to ben stein, charles payne, todd soenberger and sarah, charles, you first. >> let the flood gates open. listen, dagen, obviously, we know-- actually we don't know, but it's to nancy pelosi's point we're going find out and i hope we like it. a lot of taxes associated with obamacare. you mentioned the medical device ise, a l of these companies, by the way, medical device comnies have been laying off worrs right now. and that is, if this impacts, by the way, everyone, takes away from research and development, which will take away from life saving innovation and it's just, again, the very tip of the iceberg. ultimately, there's going to be ahole lot of taxes that just opens the gate for. this is just the beginning. >> ben, even if you look at action taken by the mical device makers, there's already damage that's been done by the tax increases built into this health care law, has it got? >> well, the damage is built in, but on the other hand good built into, too. there are people who are very poor who won't be able toet healthnsurance a not very, between medicaid and middle class and we'll
Dec 29, 2012 1:30pm PST
back, and i said, "what happened?" and she says, "it's ben. he died." i didn't have any information. >> i finally said, "how did this happen?" and she said he went to sleep the night before, and he just never woke up. >> he's always smiling, you know, in every picture. >> for days, ben gupta's family was desperate for answers. what killed him? he was only 28 years old. he had recently been given a clean bill of health. how could he just not wake up? >> and then the thought went through my mind that maybe it was some sort of brain aneurysm or something must have happened. >> but his father was in for a shock after a conversation with a doctor who performed ben's autopsy. >> he called me and he says, yes, you know, they found oxycodone in his system. >> he tells you, he believes that your son died of an overdose of narcotics. >> yeah, right. >> did you think it was possible? what you knew of your son? >> no. no. >> he worked for the state department and he was going to graduate in a year with a dual law and mba degree, the type of person where it just doesn't even run through your hea
Dec 1, 2012 5:00pm PST
, which is very unusual. >> and i called her back. and i said, what happened? and she says, it's ben. he died. i just -- i didn't have any of the information. >> i finally said, how did this happen? and she said he went to sleep the night before and he just never woke up. >> he's always smiling, every picture he's smiling. >> for days, ben gupta's family was desperate for answers. what killed him? he was only 28 years old. he had recently been given a clean bill of health. how could he just not wake up? >> and then the thought went through my mind that maybe it was some sort of a brain aneurism or something must have happened. >> but his father was in for a shock after a conversation with the doctor who performed ben's autopsy. >> and he called me and said, yes, you know, they found oxycodone in his system. >> he tells you he believes that your son died of an overdose of narcotics. >> yeah. right. >> what do you think at that point? >> i was just shocked at that time. >> did you think it was possible, what you knew of your son? >> no. no. >> he worked for the state department, and he, yo
FOX Business
Dec 9, 2012 1:30am EST
'think so. and charlie payne, dagen mcdonnm mcdowell and gcharlie gasperino and ben stein. >> we've come a long, long way and it's interesting, because we look at these men as heroes. and no one in washington deserves any sort of her worship unless you talk about the small business owners who gutted it out and the ladies and men who get on the subway train at 4 or five o'clock in the morning to clean up the offices so the lobbyists and legislators, anyone in d.c. is misguided. i know some people get it, why, i don't know. i long for the america that you just talked about. >> and what's interesting there and putti it together and the difference in the periods here, anything was possible, we didn't know the meaning of the word ent. we found a way to the impossible, it was in our veacular and way of thinking. >> the irony is today, in today's washington if somebody came up with a crazy idea trying to go to the moon if we never bee there before. people would laugh it off because people don't dream big and don't dreaat a instead. worried about their own shelves and not for sake of country, bu
FOX Business
Dec 16, 2012 1:00am EST
significantly. >> neil: ben? >> this is ultimate exercise irresponsibility by the congress. i am really disappointed in the caucus and democrats who say we're not going to consider cutting entitlements. this is the war between the haves and have nots. we talked about class warfare. it's upon us, look, we don't want to pay any taxes. we wanted to have our entitlements. take it from the other guy's side. maybe they are right. it's incredibly grand example, very disappointing to see one group is saying it's all for the other guy. it's not our responsibility. we're going to vote ourselves ever more money. >> neil: adam? >> here where i disagree. we cited this figure of 80 democrats. there is some number of republicans that people have signed fundamentally opposed to raising taxes in any way shape or form. nancy pelosi fundamentally opposed to giving in on entitlements. good news is john boehner and president obama is not two of those people. they are negotiating. >> neil: it has to be voted on. >> hold on. their job as leaders. >> with all due respect, you are factually incorrect. republica
FOX Business
Dec 2, 2012 1:30am EST
? i'm not. maybe these guys are. ben stein, charles payne, sandra smith and am and charl charlie. >> you laugh because you want to cry. >> neil: sometimes you laugh simply becau you want to laugh. (laughter) >> since november 2011, we're 30 days away from this. are you serious? you want 50 billion in stimulus? it's nuts, crazy and disingenuous, if this is negotiating, we're in trouble. this is the ultimate power grab. the conduct is essentially split almost completely in half and this is saying to the other half, forget about you, forget about small businesses, forget about moderately successful couples who do everything the right way. we're going to crush you and crush the future of success of anybody in this nation. >> neil: sandra, he seems upset. >> rightly so. the president's proposal right now on the table as john boehner detailed this week, he basically said this is not a serious proposal and here he is asking for more spending, neil, what i find more conflicting, when, since when is the conversation, the natural conversation become nearly-- we raise taxes or else? and it
FOX Business
Dec 23, 2012 1:30am EST
good. >> neil: ben stein, the bottom line, nothing gets done and back and forth continues. >> it's a disgrace, first of all, aim not sure there are 330 million americans and your data may be-- >> 328.4, i digress. >> the real issue to me, the simple thing, they're our representatives, they're the government. they're supposed to be governing, not supposed to be pouting and throwing fits. they're supposed to be governing and this is a big giant issue, they've got to get to work. this, this comic game playing and pout ang showing off, it's a disgrace and they've got to come back and i think the president should call them back into session and get to work. >> i totally disagree. >> i knew you would. i knew you would. >> i mean, but on the merits, i don't -- when you talk about our representatives, nancy pelosi is my representative, but i don't begrudge her this. well, i happen to be a constituent of hers, that's just a fact and, but here is observation, she is making a perfectly valid political point and she's making a serious point, right? this is why she's against any kind of entit
Dec 12, 2012 4:30pm PST
.b.r." >> susie: an historic move today by the federal reserve. fed chairman ben bernanke and other policy makers said they will keep their key interest rate near zero until the unemployment rate falls below 6.5% or inflation rises to 2.5%. now, this is the first time the fed has set a clear economic target for how long interest rates will stay at record lows. the surprise decision means the central bank will continue stimuting the economy by buying bonds. darren gersh explains the dramatic move. >> reporter: ben bernanke and his colleagues will no longer mark a date on the calendar for when they expect to begin raising interest rates. from now on, they'll make that call based on a target for the unemployment rate and inflation. >> it'll act to some extent as an automatic stabilizer. so if the outlook worsens and that leads markets to think that the increase in rates is further out in the future, that will tend to lower longer term rates, and that will tend to be supportive of the economy. so that has an automatic stabilizer-type effect. it offsets adverse shocks. >> reporter: as it turns out, th
Dec 6, 2012 6:00pm EST
." >> there is so much going on down here, i wish you were here. the weather is nice and joining me is ranger ben and his charming companion. i'm used to seeing you in a uniform but not this uniform. what is going on? >> a civil war promoting the historical society tonight. maryland's historical society is open for free tonight. you can see the 1812 exhibit and free food and santa claus and stuff for the kids. go be here for the lighting and go back and forth. >> it only a block and a half away right? >> it is. you can come and see the lighting and have fun at the historical society. >> how are you staying warm? >> we're walking about and greeting people and that is helping? >> long johns? if they are she's not telling. if monument lighting tonight join us live at 7:00. it is going to be a beautiful thing. the lighting begins at 7:45 but we go live at 7:00. back to you. >> from the beautiful things to some of the not so beautiful things. we have to tell you about the street closures to avoid. and there is more information on our website and it starts also 7:00. >> john hopkins is a world-class in
Comedy Central
Dec 12, 2012 11:00pm PST
- yeah, i guess so. except it still doesn't change the fact that ben affleck gets to be handsome, talented, and then gets to go home and kiss jennifer lopez. - ben affleck isn't with jennifer lopez anymore. he's married to jennifer garner. - yeah. - it's true. - what? really? but i thought i was totally jealous of him! he's just married to jennifer garner? oh, my gosh. i feel so much better! - you do? - yeah. oh, i like that ben affleck guy. he's a good filmmaker. come on, kenny. i guess i owe the kids at school an apology. did you see argo, kenny? it's a pretty good movie. ben affleck has a lot going for him. not everything, but a lot. whoopee! news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show with jon stewart." [cheering and applause] [theme music playing] >> jon: welcome to "the daily show." my name is jon stewart. we have a good one for you tonight. newark mayor cory booker will be joining us, but let's begin tonight as i really should begin almost every night, with an apology. we've had a bit of fun here over the years concerning what is commonly referred to this time o
Dec 16, 2012 3:00pm EST
the bright sheen of ben-gurion's leadership began to fade because young people were will hess and less interested in pursuing military service as a career than they were in pursuing what young people everywhere are interested in; career, relationships, etc. men giewr onneeded in the mid 1950s he realized to remobilize the country, so he began preaching about a sense of new national peril as a voice in the wilderness. most of his peers at the top of what became the leader party opposed his new militarism, especially israel's second prime minister. and he was a man who most americans had not heard of, and he believed passionately that israel's security could only be assured through a strategy of peaceful integration which required compromise and accommodation with the arabs. nasser, the egyptian military dictator who had taken over in 1952, carried on a secret correspondence with him facilitated by our central intelligence agency whose officers believed that israel and egypt could come to terms. yet at the time, the policies based on diplomacy, negotiation, integration was anathema to be
Dec 11, 2012 4:00am PST
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FOX Business
Dec 12, 2012 3:00pm EST
customers and thereby strengthen the housing market. >> thank you very much. >> fed chief ben bernanke, he should have quit at hello. the market lost all of their games plus a point. 6.5%, that is the point say unemployment rate at which ben bernanke says any future rate moves will now be tied. a news conference in washington, he emphasized his top priority now shoring up the job market. the decision to live up the printing presses in january. the fed investors said they will not stop buying bonds until they drop. 85 alien dollars and we created money each and every month, 45 billion of that put in longer dated treasuries. by mortgage-backed securities. dow jones industrials really straddling the flat line. up more than 81 points after the announcement of markets like this announcement and started to take a second look. the nasdaq has been down most of the day. investors gave the plan a thumbs-up and saw stocks at their best levels since october but giving up the games as you see, what went on. big intraday swings around 12:30 p.m. eastern when the fed made the decisions known. take a look
FOX Business
Dec 12, 2012 4:00pm EST
off of session highs, but they were encouraged by the fact not only was ben bernanke going to be printing more money but also the china seems to be gaining little bit of steam. good day for oil traders. liz: purchasing $85 billion in bonds per month saying it will keep rates low until we see the implement rate fall below 6.5%. that is historic, folks. and then said probably mid-2015, which is what they have said all along. find out if he thinks the right moves are being taken right now. david: one of the guys willing to take on alan greenspan also a hike in dividend taxes could be spelling trouble for utilities companies. chairman and ceo policy impact a tax hike will have and how today's meetings with senators and white house officials did go. liz: but first, what drove the market with the "data download," and volatile day on wall street, the stocks waiting until the fed announced and then it happened, it did pop and lost the momentum into the close. ending a five-day winning streak, 70 points plus gain. telecom and financials were sitting pretty much the top performing se
Dec 7, 2012 9:00am PST
, this is "now." >> joining me today, chief economic correspondent for politico ben white, editor at large for, joe walsh, queen bee and editing manager of the, and buzz ben smith. the labor department delivered a december surprise, which might just alter the debate over the fiscal cliff. despite predictions of stalled job creation in november in superstorm sandy and looming fiscal cliff, the nation added 146,000 jobs last month, and unemployment ticked down to 7.7%. while november's figures are higher than expected, september and october were revised down 16 and 33,000 jobs respectively. chief economists for moody's analytics mark zandi cautions november may see a downward revision but the numbers are a good sign. >> bottom line, feels like the job market is holding firm in the face of sandy and fiscal cliff concerns, so that's good news. >> surprising exactly no one, the white house and republicans had different spin on the numbers. >> if congress does address the problems that it needs to address, concerning the fiscal cliff, if we have reasonable resolutio
Dec 22, 2012 1:30pm PST
. the north valley jewish community center. >> reporter: ben indicatedish and josh know what it's like to face the nightmare. 13 years ago, the boys were at summer camp in los angeles when a gunman stormed in and shot them. ben was 5. what do you remember happening around you? >> screaming, tons of screaming. >> reporter: josh was 6. >> he came in and he shot all the way around, and the next thing i remember, i was just getting up and running as fast as i could that way. >> reporter: the boys survived, but were never the same emotionally. >> i didn't live a normal childhood. in no means did i have a normal childhood. >> reporter: the shooter, buford furrow, had robbed them of their security. >> when you were dropped off at school, you wondered, am i safe? >> yes. >> for how long? >> probably through middle school. >> if we heard helicopters, sirens, loud noises, anything that would startle me, the house was on lockdown. >> so you would lock doors? >> every door and window. >> why would you lock every door and window? >> that was the closest thing i could feel safe. >> reporter: now 19, these t
Dec 16, 2012 11:00pm PST
much every child in here had a prayer, and many of them were my friend jack died, my friend ben died, my friend charlotte died. we prayed, we probably prayed more than we've ever prayed before. >> she knew there would be anxiety among the children and their parents. she saw both. >> we were a little worried. we had kids whose parents said they didn't want to come to class. it's like a school and they were worried. one girl didn't want to come because ben wouldn't be there. there was a lot of anxiety. ben would have been sitting right here on this carpet with me. so when the kids bring it up that my friend ben died, i had to do the attendance, we have attendance sign in pages for the parents. they have to sign them in and out. as i was putting them in the box last night, the first grade page had ben's name on it. i thought, this is going to be hanging on the hall wall with his name on it, and he wouldn't be signed in. so i printed it with his name off. and when i talked to the pastor about it, it really hit me, i erased his name. >> this one says charlotte is safe. >> yes. that was fo
Dec 19, 2012 4:30am PST
the span good to the limit towards foster city many problem santa cruz mountains ben lomond area highway 9 glen arbor both directions shutdown, a jeep hit a tree which fell into the wires which put the wires into the road chp saying at least noon until that road is reopened roadwork eastbound 4 lover lidge typical until 5:30, -- westbound out of antioch at the limit towards concord. >>> next, stopping abuses at the top. local lawmaker presides over financial reforms after a scandal that he brought on himself. >>> amazing scene in the pacific northwest after the rain proves to be too much for a hillside. >>> first, here's this morning's tech bites. >>> samsung will finish the year as the top cell phone brand. know -- nokia was hurt by slower selling windows phone apple in third. popular app has a new look, new interface is sexier and less geeky. >> ever note before was reliable and good and people liked it but didn't enjoy using it. evernote 5 is a step up in design. >> available now for all apple devices versions for other operating systems are comin every time someone chooses finish over
Dec 7, 2012 4:30am PST
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Dec 28, 2012 9:00am PST
amplified and got worse. >> now, this video was from 2010. it was for the elm brook church. ben goes on to talk about how the church helped him recover. on december 24th, ben's wife, jennifer, a police officer in the milwaukee area, was shot and killed while she was on duty and it's ben sebina who is now facing charges for her death. he told police that he was stalking his wife for days and he shot her multiple times. it's startling now to listen to this video from 2010 and in it he talks about how it was jen that helped him sort of quell his anger. >> my friends and i would go on the internet and send some pictures back home. so i used myspace at the time. on myspace i found a girl that i used to go to high school on there with and every day we kept on writing to each other, e-mailed back and forth, if not two or three of them a day. >> this is so chilling, so haunting to hear him talk about how he was trained as a marine to kill. and then to see him speak so lovingly about this woman that you now says that he has killed. what must have been going on in his brain. >> and this video
Dec 3, 2012 2:00pm PST
. thanks. >> thank you. ralph silverman, ben schafer, followed by lucia campbell. if your name was called, feel free to come up to the mic. >> i hesitated to speak today just because i --. >> ma'am, please pull the microphone closer to your mouth. >> my name is victoria hamilton. i did hesitate to speak today because the harassment i received as a tenant has been pretty substantial. i would like to say i have made considerable efforts to fight to be able to get better, i have a disability and to be able to enjoy my apartment peacefully and quietly. i have made hundreds of phone calls and spoken to a number of attorneys and what i'm finding is there are a tremendous shortage of attorneys who are available to address these issues. when i talk to the rent board about harassment they've told me they don't deal with that. i have worked with a number of different organizations and i try to be respectful but they are all really overwhelmed by the, i think it's some of the comments that there were not a lot of cases of harassment are misinformed. i have run into a lot of other people who are e
Dec 18, 2012 5:30pm EST
.... otherr are dealing wiih their own ightmmre... what if thattshooter was my child? as ben ecker reports, phere arr not a loo of options to help parents of ids with mental illness. illness. 3 -3&p3 (pkg)((áásotááá)[take sot] ((1:05:41 "i think education in the schoollswould be iddal"))track #1liz dowweyy s with the the national alliance on eenaa illness. (nah-me) nami saassstates havv ut more than $1.6 billion n general funds frommtheirrstate mentta health agency udgees since - iito loss of vital ssrvices such as housing, treatment and access to psychiatriic medications and risis servicee. ((áásotááá)[ttke &psot]((1:05:50-1:05:59 "i -33 kids comm nto schhol and get a physical shoold have mental nami (nah--e) nnarly 60 million americans experience a mennal health conniiion every 3 at leasttone in four addlts and one in 10 chiidren across -3 the uuited states. nah-me)) offers a variety of services, iicluddng "peer to per"...and "fammly to amill" counciling (ááásstááá)[takk sot] (1:20:55-1:21:00 "there nneds to be more preventi
Dec 21, 2012 2:00am PST
for politico, ben white. thank you both for joining us. joe, let me begin with notion that this sort of theological hard right loss this election whether it was immigration, the reality that marginal tax rates will go up on the wealthy, the debate about same-sex marriage, do they now need to recast their whole ideology in the context of that result? >> if they do, they're not doing a very good job of it. basically, the biggest change we've seen are in the faces. not necessarily in the rhetoric. we have marco rubio emerges as the front-runner for g.o.p. leadership in 2014 or beyond. we have tim scott being appointed to replace jim demint but you take a careful look at these positions, at least in two examples, phillip almost exactly the same. john boehner's negotiating on the fiscal cliff which looks a lot like it did on the debt ceiling, a year and a half two years ago. we have a lot of discussion on the right about how things need to change but we don't have a lot of fundamental change they can this stage of the proceedi
FOX News
Dec 27, 2012 12:00pm PST
to adopt from there again. i can see you have ben on set, he's now 7 years old. you adopted him when he was 13 months. you're a living example of how important it is for american parents to get involved in the kids' lives. talk about that, if you will. >> go ahead. >> when we decided to adopt ben, we weren't trying to rescue a child. we were trying to become parents. we wanted to be a family. and from the moment we met ben, outside of st. petersburg, russia, we fell in love. and we became family and now we don't know what our life would be without him. we're just like so many of the majority of the families who adopt from russia. we're regular people. he goes to school, plays sports. we're a family and we decided about a year ago we wanted to add another child to our family, so it was a national inclination to go back to russia and try to adopt again. >> i know that you want to adopt again from russia. it seems to me that now it appears vladimir putin will sign the bill and there will be at least for the time being, no more children adopted from russia to the united states. 46 kids are
Dec 6, 2012 4:00pm EST
a fraction. will the markets get a boost from another cash infusion? ben pace says he's expecting the federal reserve to announce another round of stimulus at the meeting next week. is that what the markets really want right now? ben pace joins me along with chris heize and rick santelli. ben, let's talk fed policy. you think the fed announces qe-4 next week? >> i think it's the fact the twist operation is ending at the ends of the year, and they don't feel compelled to incrementally tighten that. that means it has to be replaced. that's the qe-4, the fact they'll continue to buy to continue to be just as easy as they've been since the september 16th qe- 3 announcement. >> so you think it's a continuation. what's the impact on the market, do you think? is it priced in? are we expecting that? what do you think? >> i think it's generally priced in. the thing that concerns me the most is the effectiveness of monetary policy here is starting to get less and less as time goes on. the shock and awe impact we haven't really seen. it's more of a fiscal problem right now. the monetary authorities have
FOX Business
Dec 12, 2012 11:00am EST
statement from ben bernanke and company. qe forever. cheryl: full team coverage for the entire hour, nicole petallides watching traders' reaction from the floor of the nyse, jeff flock watching action on the trading pits of the cme and we have you covered with all-star fed panel. first we begin with nicole petallides on the floor of the nyse with stocks at the top of the hour. the fed now up 6. nicole: we are up six points, we are for six day is a row for the dow jones industrial. some would say people were waiting on the fed, talk about more easing and more stimulus and traders, they were asking about extending the programs, we will see about that. as far as major market averages the dow is just above the unchanged line like the s&p 500 and the ticket in nasdaq pulling back and you see the markets are very tepid and hovering right near zero and waiting for each headline. dennis: thank you, critics are calling it q e forever. the expected in moments to announce a new stimulus. cheryl: a current bond buying program, operation twist is scheduled to end. let's bring in our all-star panel. let'
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Dec 12, 2012 1:00pm EST
money, but the market says thanks, ben bernanke and friends. we know the votes went through, and 11-1 decision. the market's acting this and running with it and moving to session highs so that these are session highs of 76 points on the dow jones industrials, a gain of 1/2%. the ticketing nasdaq is the worst of the month but it isn't 1/3% and the s&p 5 uuder the 0.3% and the s&p 5001430. anyone watching yesterday, he talked about the bias to the upside, talked about 1430 and talked about heading to 1440 and we are not are off of that level. american express leading the way. >> no deal to avoid the fiscal cliff, john boehner keeping the dialogue going and even trading new proposals but not stopping them from calling each other out. rich edson is in washington. >> that usually stops or pauses at the very least when there is progress. democrats and republicans have been stuck for weeks. the white house reduced its offer on tax increases for $1.6 trillion to $1.4 trillion including a willingness to begin corporate tax reform. republicans santa white house has to embrace significant spen
Dec 2, 2012 4:00am PST
by phone is journalist ben farmer. ben, this attack involves suicide bombs and gunmen. can you tell us exactly how things unfolded? >> yes, it seems to have been a very complex attack. it began soon after dawn around 6:00 here local time. it began with two suicide car bombs. these were vehicles packed with explosives, driven at the gates of the airfield base, and they detona detonated. soon after that, a wave of attackers with rifles and suicide vests stormed the gates. this prompted a two-hour gun battle. it was all over in about two hours. nato says none of the attackers, none of the militants managed to breach the defenses. all of them were killed. however, we have reports that four or five afghan security guards were killed and two civilians, two medical students who were on their way to their studies were caught in the cross fire and also killed. >> just a few months ago, ben, nato said insurgent attacks were on the decline. is there some concern this might inspire copy cats? >> i think to some extent there's a battle of statistics going on here. while nato have said in some month
Dec 2, 2012 9:00am PST
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Dec 9, 2012 3:30pm PST
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